Passion for Cycling

Based in Manhattan, New York, SPCARBON is the culmination of over 25 years of riding, racing and competitive cycling experience.

Everything we do is motivated by a simple principle: PASSION FOR CYCLING.

We have a specific blueprint to put your butt on the best possible bicycle, starting with a fantastic carbon frame. Our customers love riding as much as we do, and are our most important ambassadors. Many have become personal friends. We want to build you something amazing and unique that you won't find at the local bike shop.

From initial inspiration through assembly to preventative maintenance, SPCARBON delivers an unprecedented level of quality, modern design, and attention to detail in every bicycle we create. We thrive on innovation, craftsmanship, and modern design.

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Make Your Dream Bike a Reality

Many of the beautiful bicycles we make at SPCARBON are custom in some way. For the rider that has an idea in their mind of the perfect bicycle, we can help. Our premium level bikes are made with high attention to detail and an eye for craftsmanship. This translates into something you just can't get at the local bike shop. Going fast should only be limited by the imagination, not what is on the shelf.

My bike stands out from everything else on the road. You won’t spot 15 other SPCARBON bikes within a 1-hour ride; and that’s precisely the way I want it to stay.
— Kyle S
Their shop is super clean and organized which is always a good sign in a business and I was immediately greeted by the friendly people there.
— Glen W
SPCARBON bikes are absolutely beautiful, as good quality as you’ll find on any bike, anywhere. Wonderful all-carbon frames, phenomenal components and build quality.
— Steve A
SPCARBON is a powerhouse for building luxury bicycles, and thanks to its collaborative mind, the ways to work together are limitless. I cannot wait for the awesome collabs that are yet to come!
— Simon G

Bicycle maintenance, Repairs, & Upgrades

Inspired by Tour de France race mechanics, SPCARBON provides an unprecedented level of attention and care.

Regular maintenance prolongs the life your frame and components, and ensures the maximum degree of safety, so it's crucial to service your bicycle at the right intervals. Regardless of whether your high performance bicycle is a daily rider, a weekend warrior, or your race ride, it should be inspected and serviced at least once a year by a qualified technician. Schedule service here.